How to fix A configuration issue prevents CDN from working

Cloudfare is a free CDN that you can use to boost the performance and the security of your website. If you aren’t using cloudfare yet, then you should really check it out.
If you’re using wordpress and W3 Cach, you can intergrate Cloudfare in to the plugin and optimize the cach and speed settings to work in harmony.
I’ve noticed one error after integrating cloudfare in to the W3 Cach CDN hostname and I would like to show you how you can fix the error.

1. Login in to your WordPress admin

Assuming that you have already installed W3 cach and are using Cloudfare CDN, scroll down to performance and click CDN. You will see the error “How to fix A configuration issue prevents CDN from working”

Cloudfare Hostname

2. Login to your cloudfare Account

After logging in to cloudfare, click on the SSL/TLS Icon


3. Click on Edge Certificates

Your free cloudfare plan includes a universal SSL certificate, awesome! Now copy the host name below.

4. Replace sites hostname in W3 Cach

Click save and purge, then you will see several Cnames automatically generated. Voila, you have now fully integrated Cloudfare with W3 Cach.

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