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What separates design from art is that design is meant to be functional.

The Web is Constatly Evolving

Designing on the web requires a constant evolution of skills in order to maintain trendy designs. That’s why we are highly focused on learning about the latest technologies in web development so that we can create modern websites that stay ahead of the curve.

Paying attention to detail can be as important, if not more important, than the big ideas that they’re built upon. What sets great designs apart from the rest are the nitty picky details, color choices, culture, sophistication and functionality. If you want a Website Design that stands out in your field, than you need to paying attention to detail, it’s critical to your sites success. One needs to look no further than the top corporate websites to see that the fundamental building blocks are based on clean and simple designs that avoid complexity.

Website Design Wasaga Beach

Website Speed is a Top Priority

Website speed is probably the least debated facts in the industry. Research has shown that if your Website is slow visitors will not stick around and that is the last thing you want to happen. Not only will customers get annoyed by slow loading times but Google also penalizes the site and pushes it lower in the search results rankings.

We start off by using performance optimized code that produces blazingly fast load times. Our goal is to get website load times as low as 0.5 seconds

Our 6 Pillars for Website Success

SSL Certification

SSL is short for Secure Socket Layer, a security standard that enables encryption between the web browser and server. We offer SSL certification for all of our websites because we feel that it isn’t really an option any more. SSL secures sensitive data like Credit crads, Email, Usernames, Passwords etc.. Not only does it keep your data safe but Google also punishes your SEO and google search rankings for not having it

Mobile Friendly

There’s been a huge rush for websites to get mobile friendly and for good reason. 52% of all website traffic is now coming from mobile devices. If you’re not mobile friendly than you are missing out half of the traffic online and this trend is likely to continue. A report from Google revealed that 61% of users were unlikely to return to a site that gave them trouble on their mobile device, this is why it’s critical to optimize your site for phones.

Visual Hierarchy

As a Website Designer, it’s our job to arrange the content in a clear and easy to understand user interface. Users only take a few seconds to judge if a website is worth their time and if it doesn’t grab their attention they will leave. We use color, contrast, images and proper spacing to draw users attention to specific areas of the site. We want visitors to be able to efficiently scan the website and read the sentences and phrases quickly.

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Content Management System

A good quality CMS works behind the scenes to organize your website and make it easy for visitors to find there way around. Many popular content managment systems might make it easy to build a site but lack the tools to customize. We use WordPress because it offers the most customization with it’s themes and plugins. Although it might have a steeper learning curve it can help build a highly customized website with a ton of peformance.


We optimize every website so that search engines are able to index and rank your pages. If your site isn’t search engine optimized than it will be very hard for people to find it using search engines. We make it a top priority for your site to optimized for googles search engine. We index newly created websites with Google Search Console so that spiders can crawl your pages. We also make sure that your content, titles and meta description include keywords that match your business.

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Call To Action (CTA)

With all that traffic your beautiful site will be getting it’s important to guide visitors to the important information. A good call to action strategy will convert traffic in to customers. We build sites that are optimized for guiding visitors to take action such as making a purchase or contacting the bsiness.

Website Design Wasaga Beach
website design wasaga beach

Let’s work together on your next web project

Our goal is to create appealing website designs that will effectively communicate your marketing message using clean and simple design. We provide web design services for a wide variety of clients, from small to medium sized business. No job is too small!

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