E-Commerce is
Set to explode

Coronavirus creates opportunity in E-Commerce


As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt the global economy, it makes it hard to envision retail ever returning to the way it was. One thing we do know for sure though is that E-Commerce is exploding in almost every industry and many experts believe that this trend will continue long after the economy reopens.

Right now is absolutey the best time ever to build a Website for your existing business or create an Online store for that idea you’ve been thinking about for ages. The world is without a doubt transitioning to a virtual world and it’s crucial that you stay ahead of the curve.

Many brick and mortar retailers have witnessed there sales grind to a crashing halt or have temporarily shut the doors but what’s even more profound is that many will never reopen.

According to consulting and research firm Technomic, 52% of consumers are avoiding crowds and 32% are leaving their house less often because of coronavirus.

The Global E-commerce sales eclipsed $3.5 trillion dollars worldwide in 2019 and this number is expected grow exponentially over the next few years. In 2019 in 2019, 14.1 percent came from online purchases and that number is estimated to increase to 22% for 2020.


As more people continue to spend more time at home, Sales of electronics online have surged. In the USA sales of webcams skyrocketed +534%. Similarly dramatic rises occurred across computer monitors +357%, modems +379%, and educational software +223%, compared to the first four weeks of the year.

Whats even more interesting though is the enormous spike in online groceries as people begin to turn to E-Commerce for their food shopping.

A couple weeks ago the Coronavirus fears caused shoppers to load up on groceries as shelves quickly vanished, American shoppers stocked up on non-perishables. This past week however, consumers have begun to load up on fresher items like Fruits & Vegetables up +600%, and Meat, Eggs & dairy +373%. 

Experts are forecasting that this trend is likely to continue even after the Coronavirus lock down is over. It’s becoming quite clear that the world is going to be much different than they once were and although there will be a lot of pain during this transition, there is also going to be opportunities.


So weather you’re an existing business who doesn’t have a website or someone who is seeking an opportunity to get in to E-Commerce, 2020 is the year that you should be building up your online presence with a website.

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